Making the Future of
Transportation Smart and Electric


Running burn rate as low as INR 0.50 per km, equating to a lifetime savings of INR 600,000, saving your overall fuel costs up to 400%.

Smart & Connected

Syncs with your mobile, allowing you to track vehicle’s battery health, mileage, location, pollution and traffic information, etc.


Powered by high performance Li-Ion batteries and powerful electric motor with a maximum speed of 55km per hour, great acceleration up steep inclines, providing estimated mileage of 110kms for one full charge.

emission engine
paisa per km
made in India
satisfied drivers


Drive green and breath clean. Free from sound, air and other forms of pollution.


Torsion resistant suspension, compact wheel base, wide-body cabin for four people (3+1) and low center of gravity for stability.


Stunning dashboard, stylish design, and fatigue free drive even over long distances and long hours of work.

GMW 3-wheelers Explained

The video gives you a detailed walkthrough of features and specifications of our three-wheelers – Urban ET and Taskman. Our vehicles produce no emission, require little maintenance, and are extremely cheap to recharge. With advances in lithium ion batteries, electric vehicles are becoming more suitable and essential to our environment.